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In limbo with police records on hold

Published:Saturday | September 21, 2019 | 12:07 AM


The office in Kingston responsible for processing police records has been closed for more than a week. There appears to be no alternative.

It’s a bit alarming to discover that on the entire island, only one place does the actual processing!

Numerous individuals have been affected, because a lot of business transactions require a police record. It’s needed for the overseas work programme, employment within various organisations, among other reasons.

This needs public attention. They stated that office would be relocated to better facilitate individuals. An email address was also given for persons with emergencies. However, when an email was sent, the only response that came was: “EMAIL NOTED. A RESPONSE WILL FOLLOW SOON.” At the time of writing this on Friday, September 20, it is five days and still no response.

When you go to the Kingston Central Police Station, all that I am told is that no new police records will be dealt with at this time.

So what about persons who have paid for express? A lot of people have been affected by this closure, with no proper alternative put in place.