Mon | May 25, 2020

Olympia Crown Hotel a law unto itself

Published:Wednesday | August 21, 2019 | 12:26 AM


Why is the Olympia Crown Hotel allowed to stage noisy and/or loud pool parties? This is allowed right inside a neighbourhood with non-consenting adults and children and beside the Tarrant Baptist Church, which is open 24/7, whether they are having a meeting or not.

For years now I have been unable to get help in putting a stop to the loud parties that are staged by the Olympia Crown Hotel. Being forced to endure the noise and the lyrics can rightly be termed a form of rape. This also occurs in Half-Way Tree (HWT) and the bus park, as well as the Mandela Park bus stop.

Please help me put a stop to this, especially for the many children who are likely to be in both areas.

The HWT police and 119, despite numerous calls, have been ineffective. In fact, on many occasions, the volume has increased after my phone calls and the noise continues until 4 a.m., and even after. This, I think, is deliberate, since on many occasions the police have excused there inaction on the basis of the issuance of permits, permit extensions, or they claim to be too busy investigating shootouts and accidents.

Of course, there is the other excuse of having no vehicle. Worst of all, the police sometimes get aggressive and refuse to answer the phone or leave it off the hook.