Mon | Jun 1, 2020

Brutal murders of schoolgirls now the norm

Published:Friday | May 17, 2019 | 12:28 AM


In some countries, like Alaska, they had an easy way of killing wolves. They wipe the animals’ blood on a sharp knife, so the wolves used their tongue and lick at it, cutting themselves and licking at their own blood until they bleed to death. That’s a wicked way to kill wolves.

Likewise, the Government needs a wise and secret crime plan to capture the breeders of crime.

My God! What a terrible and frightening way to go, as yet another schoolgirl has been brutally murdered. And, according to what we have heard of the 17-year-old, her face was bashed in, her eyes pulped and her throat slashed. Have mercy Lord! What a death!

Brutal murders of our schoolgirls and children have become a norm, in a bloody and battlefield Jamaica. Who will die tomorrow?

These monsters are not only killing our girls, they are butchering them like animals. So what kind of payment will be given to these cold-blooded murderers, who are slaughtering people in these terrible ways? By sending them to prison to feed on taxpayers’ money? Or allow them to live and escape the sting of death, after destroying the young girls’ lives and future? Nuh sanky caan sing suh!

On another matter, I would definitely like Almighty God to bring some prophets and prophetesses forward and let them tell the nation if our leaders are dead serious in wiping out or killing this long-standing gun trade.