Thu | Jun 4, 2020

Take the fight to the matey instead

Published:Wednesday | May 15, 2019 | 12:10 AM


The story of men killing their wives and then turning the guns on themselves is no small news across Jamaica, and for far too long. Without a doubt, most of these types of crimes are as a result of intimate relationships gone wrong, and at the heart of the problem, a ‘matey’ is usually involved.

The ‘matey’, who is foolishly having sex with another’s partner, is dead wrong and should be made to pay the consequences of his or her mistake. Women, when you know that your husband is being entertained by another woman, go to her and warn her in God’s name to back off. Men must also do the same. And I say in the name of God, because He will defend you. He is strictly against adultery and other forms of illicit sexual relationships.

Do not kill your wife/husband whom you vowed to love. A vow you made before God and your friends. And do not kill yourself. Committing suicide is dead wrong. Why kill your wife or why cause your husband to kill himself? Sort the issue of the ‘matey’ out and do it quickly.

The society is messed up because of ‘mateys’.

Parents, instead of abusing our children for being involved in relationships that are getting our girls pregnant early and our boys resorting to crime, we must find those persons causing the issue and either mentor or warn them. Of course, in the name of God.

The law of the country must protect the institution of marriage, even common-law ones. Law-makers should create a law to arrest and charge ‘mateys’ and subject them to punishment. It is not good for the country if families become dysfunctional because children are exposed, men are made weaker and women are always crying – worst yet if lives are being lost.

Let’s unite and take the fight to the ‘matey’ culture and let us defeat it.