Sun | May 31, 2020

Solutions to the crime monster and tertiary education problem

Published:Saturday | February 16, 2019 | 12:00 AM


1. To deal with the crime monster:

Institute a compulsory programme of three to five years of training for all students leaving high school and not going on to college or gainfully employed.



- Not available for recruitments by gang leaders

- Will have a skill that can be used to get a job/be self employed/get overseas employment

- Contribute to society positively by using skills during programme to do social work needed.

2. Will encourage parents/students to perform better in school to avoid this compulsory programme.

To address the tertiary education problem:

Students’ Loan Bureau needs other sources of income to do what it was conceptualised to achieve.

The suggested way to achieve this is as follows:

- Take a portion of the gas tax for this purpose (guaranteed income).

- Use loan repayments towards this.

- Develop an investment portfolio that will provide present/future income.

- Excess funds available over time can be used to fund crime monster programme.