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My bets are on the favourable Fayval

Published:Saturday | February 16, 2019 | 12:00 AM


With high levels of political cronyism defacing Petrojam and ramshackling the Ministry of Energy, is Fayval Williams favourable for this portfolio?

There is a raft of question marks hovering over her recent appointment and whether she can transform the energy portfolio. As a financial analyst by profession, she is the ideal selection for management of government funds in this corruption-riddled ministry.

The state of the financial disrepair in this ministry can only be transformed to a state of financial stability by a financial genius of her calibre.

The Harvard-educated Fayval Williams can only bring positive changes at this moment of turmoil.

In the energy ministry, 600,000 barrels of oil valuing approximately $5.2 billion have gone missing over the last five years. This calls for transformation that only Fayval and her high financial IQ can reassemble.

All those factors highlighted add to the favourability of Fayval and how she will bring a brighter future for the energy industry in Jamaica.


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