Mon | Jun 1, 2020

Abrahams in danger of damning his soul

Published:Monday | July 9, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I have read Michael Abrahams' column 'Validating a dangerous dude' (Gleaner online, July 9, 2018) and I must agree with him on at least one point: There are a lot of beliefs and some Christians add or even take away from the Word of God, but please be reminded that every one of these belief systems has been tested and proven to be flawed and man-made.

Christianity - and I mean true Christianity - is of the only true and living God, the One who has been tested and proven.

Dr Abrahams is an intelligent man, but he still has so much to learn. I warn him to be careful that he isn't dooming his soul to damnation. Be assured that nobody will escape the judgement of God if they are attempting to mislead people from God's truth.