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Stroke-plagued St Mary man pleads for help

Published:Wednesday | September 23, 2020 | 12:16 AMJonielle Daley/Gleaner Writer

A 51-year-old St Mary man is in need of a home after suffering two major strokes that have made him unable to fend for himself.

Lenworth Rose ended up in the hospital in October 2018 after a blood vessel burst in his brain, affecting his speech.

While recovering a month after returning home to Mangrove district in Pear Tree Grove, Rose suffered a second stroke to the left side of his body.

To his dismay, he was not only unable to work.

Fontaine Campbell, a cousin and caregiver, told The Gleaner that Rose’s memory was affected and that he was unable to remember people and their names.

“Him mouth did lean and him mix up him word dem. Him tell you one something all three times,” Campbell said.

While some memories have not returned, Rose is now able to move around despite not having much sensation in the left side of his body.

“If my hand can move, I would be a great man,” said the farmer and construction worker who used to mould up to 100 blocks per day.

The one-bedroom he occupied had holes everywhere and was continuously deteriorating.

For the past eight months, he has sought shelter at a house nearby which is also in a dilapidated condition. There is no bathroom facility, electricity, or water.

“... When rain fall a daytime, it no pretty. I can set a bucket in there and it full,” he said.

However, the owner of the house has notified him that he needs to leave because she will be moving back in.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Rose has been without medication but tries to monitor his diet. He said that it has been a challenge going to the pharmacy and “scrambling” to join long lines and trying to protect himself.

Rose is seeking assistance in having his house rebuilt and a bathroom added.

“I can use my one hand to work. I can write a lot. I can use my phone and do all the calling I can,” he said earnestly.

“... Every day, me pray to God for my left hand to just move.”