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Bloody rage - Man fatally stabbed allegedly defending girlfriend from ex-lover

Published:Friday | July 3, 2020 | 12:31 AMAndre Williams/Staff Reporter
Bloodstains on a wall of the Lawrence Drive, Kingston 8, home where a wounded man reportedly fled his attacker before collapsing and dying.
Bloodstains on a wall of the Lawrence Drive, Kingston 8, home where a wounded man reportedly fled his attacker before collapsing and dying.

A trail of blood spanning more than 100 metres along Lawrence Drive in St Andrew painted a grim picture of a badly wounded man trying to escape his attacker while bleeding profusely and seeking refuge.

Help never came in time for 40-year-old Damion Carter, an apparent victim of triangular lovers’ rage. Carter collapsed and was subsequently pronounced dead at hospital.

Residents in the quiet Kingston 8 neighbourhood told The Gleaner that screams around 10:40 p.m. on Wednesday pierced the silence minutes before the nightly curfew took effect.

Carter, The Gleaner understands, was stabbed repeatedly trying to protect his girlfriend from her enraged ex-boyfriend. The suspect is in custody.

A purported relative of the woman at the centre of the incident is alleged to have sought the intervention of the Jamaica Constabulary Force about ongoing domestic issues four days prior to the tragic incident.

The evidence was pinned in a post made on social-media platform Twitter.

“@JamaicaConstab uno fi duh better enuh. Domestic Violence should be as serious as a robbery and a murder. Why uno always wait til somebody dead b4 uno tek action,” the tweet from the relative read.

It is unclear whether a formal report had been made to the police.


What appeared to be a post-break-up saga ended in the death of the woman’s current partner.

Another tweet from the relative accuses the suspect of hiding in trees.

“[Name redacted] would also hide in trees and wait til she gets home. Even in the middle of the night he’s at her yard, shouting at the top of his lungs all sorts of disgusting stuff about her,” the tweet read.

Most residents told The Gleaner that they were not certain what transpired but saw enough to suggest that Carter suffered a painful death.

“Mi see a male a run out the house come this direction, and he appeared wounded. He stopped at a vehicle, a pickup truck that was parked there. Don’t know if he was trying to get in or what,” said an alleged eyewitness.

“Then I saw him run come this side, and then I notice a female running behind him shortly after.”

The residents said that a crowd had converged at the scene after the commotion.

A senior investigator who is close to the probe told The Gleaner that the prime suspect fled the crime scene but his uncle turned him in about 4 p.m. Thursday.

The police communications arm confirmed reports of the murder and told The Gleaner that investigations were ongoing.