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Big bucks budgeted for road repairs

Published:Friday | February 16, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Minister of Finance Audley Shaw (left) in dialogue with Prime Minister Andrew Holness at the official opening of Parliament.

The Government has allocated more than $16 billion to repair and widen roads in the new fiscal year.

Details of the planned spending are included in the Estimates of Expenditure for 2018-2019 tabled in Parliament yesterday.

Among the major projects listed in the estimates are those in the Greater Corporate Area, including the completion of work on the Mandela Highway; the start of work to widen Hagley Park Road, which should be 65 per cent completed by the end of the year; and continuing work on Constant Spring Road, which should be 80 per cent complete.

Money is also allocated to complete the road construction work in Barbican, St Andrew; while work should be 70 per cent complete on the Ferris to Mackfield roadway in Westmoreland.

There is also provision for the rehabilitation of 430 kilometres of prioritised roads, which are in need of urgent repair, and the rehabilitation or reconstruction of 27 bridges, retaining walls, and protective works.

The estimates also provide for $3.9 billion to begin work on the Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project with work from Harbour View to Yallahs Bridge and work on the May Pen to Williamsfield leg of Highway 2000.