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Sinclair wants sanctions against facilitators of payment to former Troupe assistant

Published:Thursday | December 14, 2017 | 12:00 AMOkoye Henry

Western Bureau:

Senator Charles Sinclair, the outspoken councillor for the Flanker division in the St James Municipal Corporation (STJMC), is calling for sanctions to be levied against staffers who facilitated the recent questionable payment of funds to a former personal assistant of Granville Councillor Michael Troupe.

The municipal corporation is still awaiting a probe ordered by Montego Bay's mayor, Coun-cillor Homer Davis, after documents revealed that payment amounting to $25,000, authorised by Troupe, was made out to the woman for work done for the period of October 1 to 31, which was at least two months after Troupe said she had terminated her employment.

"The giving-a-bly mentality will not work," said Charles, who was speaking during yesterday's monthly meeting of the STJMC.

"I want to know how the person left three months ago, but claims were made in October, and, to make matters worse, how come the cheque was collected by someone other than whose name was on it? We must not give it no pretty name."

The former assistant is now the subject of a major investigation by the police with regard to a shipment of 117 illegal firearms, which were seized at the Miami International Airport by US border patrol agents. Her name was listed as the sender of the shipment, which was said to be destined for the criminal underworld in Montego Bay.

In pressing home his demand for action against those who facilitated the payment to the woman, Sinclair said that any member of staff of the STJMC who was found to have facilitated the transaction should be appropriately punished.

"Further investigation is needed and we need answers," said Sinclair, who once served as mayor of Montego Bay.

Corporation's name will not be dragged in mud - Mayor

Montego Bay's mayor, Councillor Homer Davis, has made it clear that he intends to dig deeper into the matter of money being paid over to a woman who no longer worked with the St James Municipal Corporation (STJMC). He said that he would not stand by and allow the name of the STJMC to be dragged through the mud.

"As long as I continue to lead the STJMC, I will not allow the municipal corporation's name to be dragged down in a disrespectful manner," said Davis. "I intend to raise the bar of the municipal corporation because it is the epicentre of Government in the west, and so its functions should not be diluted."

He added: "Investigations will continue, and whatever comes of it, then the public will be informed."

Troupe, who has been the subject of partisan attacks on social media because of his association with his former assistant, did not attend yesterday's sitting of the council. However, over recent days, he has taken to social media platform Facebook, where he has distanced himself from any suggestion of wrongdoing.