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Indulge with The Mayne Course

Published:Thursday | September 3, 2020 | 12:13 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
Kimberley Mayne
Kimberley Mayne

If you believe, like John Walters, that the only thing better than talking about food is eating, then feast your eyes, and your savoury senses, on the scrumptious dishes from The Mayne Course.

The beauty behind The Mayne Course, Kimberley Mayne, might be fresh to the culinary scene, but she is by no means a stranger. From the age of eight, a young Mayne had already developed a love affair with food and cooking.

“I was excited to get in the kitchen and I always made a concoction of some kind, even if it didn’t make sense to anyone else,” she told Food.

Life presented other interests, which she pursued professionally, but this make-up artiste decided to brush up on her first passion after taking a hiatus post-university. She explains her collegiate life further. “I did hotel management for my bachelor’s degree and it took me to The Bahamas for a part of it, at The Center for Hotel and Tourism Management, where we did the practical aspect. It definitely helped to refine and build on skills that were already there, as I had the opportunity to receive first-hand exposure while working at the school restaurant.”

On rotation as dining room staff in the first year, she moved on to rotation as kitchen staff in the second year, where she assisted in the prepping and cooking of food for persons who dined at the restaurant. “It was an amazing experience, to say the least, and I am definitely grateful for the opportunity,” she added.

During the global pandemic, Mayne chose to make her gastronomic dream a reality by starting an Instagram page dedicated to all things cooking and food. “I started The Mayne Course page on Instagram to share my love and passion for cooking with others. I also had intentions to use the page to segue into an idea I had of offering one-on-one cooking lessons, which came about because I was always getting messages from persons asking me how I cooked something whenever I made a post of my food on similar and other social media platforms for fun,” she revealed.


The feedback, she says, has been excellent so far, with many persons gravitating towards her dishes and posts. “I believe that presentation is key as there’s a little saying that goes, ‘You eat with your eyes first’. So I try to pay close attention to this particular area to ensure that my meals look appealing.”

When Mayne created the page, her friends and supporters took an interest in purchasing the dishes. This intention began bearing even greater fruit with the birth of her first food baby, Pop-Up Breakfast. The monthly event showcases a continental approach to breakfast, offering the delights of eggs and bacon, with ‘berry’ delicious pancakes and French toast. “My most popular or signature dish from my Pop-Up Breakfast is my berry stuffed French toast topped with a berry compote,” she shared.

Rooted in faith and passion, it is her hope to branch off into offering a lunch menu, as well as embark on a new teaching journey with the one-on-one cooking lessons.

Her advice to aspiring chefs is to find your passion, pursue it and trust God.

“You may feel fearful but even if you do, just do it anyway and don’t ever be afraid to fail. If you do, use it as a learning tool and a stepping stone to elevate you the next time around.” She also recommends making a step-by-step plan that will provide some direction. That way, your list will hold you accountable and you can ask for help when you need it. “

A key element you should always remember is even if there are others doing the same thing as you are, don’t focus on or be caught up with that because you are unique and there’s always space for you to be great.”