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Savour the Pleasures of The Porch

Published:Thursday | November 7, 2019 | 12:53 AM
Contributed Photo
Contributed Photo

There’s a new ‘saucy’ spot in town pleasing palates. It’s name, rolling off the tip of newly tantalised tongues: The Porch.

After building up a mouthwatering momentum, The Porch opened recently and has already become a game changer in flavour. Perched in lush greenery, the wooden steps at the entrance leads to a relaxing semi outdoor oasis. Playing up on comfort, guests enjoy dining while seated in signature swings on the patio.

The timber theme is reflected indoors with an elegantly rustic decor boasting a luxurious wine cellar and exquisite bar. But the real pleasure can be savoured in the delicious offerings. The pork lovers flats has been a crowd ‘fave’, so for a culinary twist, The Porch added this signature dish, shrimp scampi flats, to the menu. Honour your taste buds and feast on this enticing treat for Restaurant Week 2019.

9-11 Phoenix Avenue

Unit #3


(876) 668-8973