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Superb tastes at A Smoother U

Published:Thursday | May 23, 2019 | 12:19 AMRocheda Bartley/ - Gleaner Writer
Dr Cecily Burton speaks passionately about food and nutrition.
Pizza anyone? A Smoother U’s chicken pizza is a scrumptious option.
Chef Tanisha Brown is always ready to whip up a delicious meal for your satisfaction.
Start the exciting food affair with a bowl of the famous red peas chicken soup.
The banana beet smoothie is a customers favourite.
Pairing the creamy penne pasta served with pineapple and chicken kebabs along with your favourite smoothie is a great idea.
The mouth-watering chicken salad with the special sauce is a winner.

A Smoother U always excites taste buds. The intimate one-year-old eatery is owned by medical practitioner Dr Cecily Burton. Speaking with Food recently, she explained that her unending passion for culinary artistry guides her as a restaurateur in the busy food industry. Dr Burton expressed that she is keen on nutrition. This means the menu, which changes daily, always contains salubrious yet delicious meals.

Guided by the motto ‘good vibes, great nutrition and exceptional taste,’ she initially opened her establishment as a smoothie haven. Now, it is also serving dishes that keep foodies returning. It takes your taste receptors on a mouth-watering adventure with meals such as its signature chicken pizza, which is a freshly and filling in-house-made delight.

She experimented over time to develop new, thrilling and enjoyable smoothie flavours, using her family as subjects. Currently, she has 15 options. Choices such as the berry sensation, called very berry, and banana beet, which is a banana and beetroot medley, are customer favourites.

“Our offerings make us unique in the Cross Roads region. We are a cosy and friendly environment for you to relax and enjoy your lunch. Plus, we don’t only feed our customers, we educate them as well about nutrition,” she explained.

With a team of talented chefs, the restaurant never fails to whip up meals that keep tongues wagging. The delectable joyride intensifies with each option so you won’t be disappointed. Pasta lovers will find this an ideal lunch stop. Dishes such as the creamy coconut penne pasta served with pineapple and chicken kebabs are there for you to devour. The zesty flavours of the luscious fruit combined with the chicken that is first baked then grilled to perfection make, this option even more scrumptious.

The healthy and tasty chicken salad is made of garden-fresh vegetables, sweet corn, black beans, walnuts, tender strips of chicken and garnished with succulent slices of American apples. But to heighten the savoury affair, you’ll need to add the a special sauce that completes the meal. It’s guaranteed to create an unforgettable and one of a kind nourishing experience.

As a lover of meat who also appreciates vegetables, she notes that at A Smoother U, you do not have to worry about what you are consuming.

“I love meat and it is not necessarily unhealthy. Meat is not your enemy, it’s the type of meat you choose and how you prepare it that you need to be concerned about. Because even bacon is turning out to be a good food, now with the keto diet. My thing is fill your plate with colour and you’re bound to get a good nutrition. You’ll get a lot of vitamins, proteins and all the nutrients that you need. But vegetarians, too can, have an appetising bite at A Smoother U. The tempting wraps are always an option.”

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