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All Things Juice(y): Healthier and more revitalising

Published:Thursday | May 16, 2019 | 12:09 AMRocheda Bartley/Gleaner Writer
Trish McFarlane creates over 30 flavours of her much delight natural juices.
Trish McFarlane creates over 30 flavours of her much delight natural juices.

They are not the usual beverages. Sweeter, healthier and more revitalising, they make ideal treats and thirst quenchers for your taste buds. What are they? Homemade natural juices by Trish McFarlane.

All Things Juice(y) is the brand, which operates alongside one of Kingston’s newest eateries, Plates by Sab.

For years McFarlane, who is a beautician by profession, would treat her family and friends to her special fruit and vegetable delights. But now she has officially joined the health campaign, echoing the importance of consuming wholesome delights, by offering her juices to everyone.

“While helping my daughter with the administrative and accounting aspects of her restaurant, and even deliveries, I realised that people will naturally want a drink to go along with their meal. And this is how I started to please foodies,” she told Food.


Serving over 30 delicious and nutritious flavours of the freshly made juices, she notes that each bottle also acts as a perfect meal replacement.

Some options are seasonal; however, there are those that are available every time.The sunshine aid, McFarlane’s version of a lemonade, is a must-have. Just one sip of this is enough to take you on a palatable joyride.

“It’s a signature drink. People like to call me little miss sunshine, and I like to think that sunshine is in it,” she expressed.

Still, if you desire a more natural experience the Go Green is the number one choice. It is made of a combination of greens such as celery, parsley, cucumbers, callaloo, kale, spirulina, and perfected with American apples, ginger and lime. It is flavour profile, however, makes it difficult for you to tell that it is made of mostly vegetables.

For your share of the pure wholesome goodness visit Plates by Sab at 124 Old Hope Road. Or contact 876-382-8747.