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Super’s Spicy Doubles bringing Trini flavour to Jamaica

Published:Thursday | February 28, 2019 | 12:10 AMRocheda Bartley/Gleaner Writer
The tantalising curried chicken dhalpuri wrap with boneless chicken, aloo and channa, pumpkin talkari and curried mango is more than a mouthful.
The tantalising curried chicken dhalpuri wrap with boneless chicken, aloo and channa, pumpkin talkari and curried mango is more than a mouthful.

It’s home to some of the most genuine and fine-tasting Trinidad and Tobago street food in Jamaica. Nichole Superville - Hall, native of the southermost twin island, is the owner of the eatery who continues to tantalise taste buds with unforgettable dishes.

The culinary artist first started her business in her home kitchen, from where she worked for several months. But as word spread of the exquisite meals she cooks, which eventually led to her earning the coveted title as ‘The Doubles Lady,’ Superville-Hall knew she had to find a bigger location.

Her eatery now stands at 144-146 Old Hope. The intimate space offers a suitable dining affair for a snack or lunch. Or if you want to grab and go, takeout is always an option.

She admits that she is not professionally trained, but developed her delicious talent over the years. After leaving Trinidad 28 years ago, she yearned for her home delicacies, and much to her palatable disappointment they were not available here. So, she made this her golden opportunity to learn to whip up the dishes not only to satisfy her cravings, but also to offer something new and exciting to curious palates.

“I started doing food accidentally. I did not plan to be a chef. I was practising law but I had to stop. And I always wanted to do things in my home. For example, I wanted to cook trini food for my children so that they could experience what I did when I was growing up,” Superville - Hall said.

She started out making doubles, a snack made with to bara rotis filled with channa and buss-up shot. As time passed she decided to broaden the variety. Now, Super’s Spicy Doubles offers you a gamut of food as alternatives that will ensure you’ll have a complete gastronomic Trinidadian adventure, without even having to travel. According to Superville - Hall, you’ll certainly get gourmet food on a budget.

“I’ve always wanted to make doubles and meals that include channa. I do things a little differently from home. I have added meats to my menu. I realised that chicken is the only option and some persons may not eat that. Now I have six tasty options that will definitely please foodies,” she told Food.

Beef, pork, shrimp and fish are just four of the choices you have to choose from. These are perfectly and carefully prepared with details. Plus, the different preparations make them even more thrilling. Following along the lines of traditions of the dual-island nation, curry is the main method, but at times stewed chicken will take over the taste receptors of those who visit the restaurant.

Chicken dhalpuri wrap with curried mango, aloo and channa (chickpeas and potatoes), pumpkin talkari and boneless chicken is one of the must-have meals at the bistro. Another option which you should seek to devour is the coconut curried shrimp, which is served with buss-up shot roti as well as aloo and channa, pumpkin talkari and curried mango. Or if you want to try an option that is more savoury, the bake and shark sandwich is your best pick.

“It’s one of the most favourite meals where I come from. Orignally, it should be made with the actual shark, but that’s now an endangered species so I use the best substitute, catfish, which has the same great flavour. Without a doubt, you will not be disappointed with anything you have here. We’re simply the best,” she said. For more information contact Super’s Spicy Doubles at 876-361-2243.