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Kendel pops up with fragrant delights

Published:Thursday | February 7, 2019 | 12:00 AM
A new approach to the use of Kendel products was displayed at The Gleaner offices last week. Kendel prepared savoury corned beef meatballs, chicken Alfredo pasta and white rice with the use of their coconut milk, jasmine rice and pasta.
Kendel has a variety of products that can be used in several ways. Experiment with Kendel today.

Last week, Kendel Distributors visited The Gleaner Company (Media) Limited to showcase innovative ways on how to prepare their jasmine rice with powdered coconut milk. The Kendel team whipped up savoury delights, which included corned beef meatballs, chicken Alfredo pasta, and fragrant, soft jasmine rice. Jasmine rice is natural rice which is grown in the mountain highlands of Thailand. It is known for its naturally distinctive fragrant scent of jasmine, which is released during cooking. Kendel’s jasmine rice retains the naturally occurring B and E vitamins which are concentrated in the rice bran. Kendel’s Coconut Milk Powder is hygienically prepared from fresh coconut milk. There are no preservatives in this product, which helps to maintain its natural taste and flavour. “We are happy to see so many persons enjoying our products,” said Kendel representative Saskia Jones.