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UBTR's promises to deliver in 9.58 seconds

Published:Thursday | October 4, 2018 | 12:12 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer

In honouring Usain Bolt, UBTR (Usain Bolt Tracks and Records) is challenging foodies to test the clock. Once you choose to dine from their lunch menu and place your order, if it isn't served hot and ready to devour in nine minutes and 58 seconds or less, then your lunch is free. Yes, you read correctly - your lunch is free!

The last thing anybody wants to deal with is lunchtime traffic. Add to that, the stress of roadwork taking place all over the city, many are opting for either get their dishes delivered or picked up to go, just to avoid the long wait of dining.

Well, Usain Bolt Tracks and Records is here to say, "The wait is over."

They've considered all the moving parts of a lunch hour, with the previously mentioned unwelcomed addition, and have launched their 9.58 promotion.

To spice things up, they invited a few foodies to feast on the house. The aim was to garner as much dishes as possible and time the preparation, from start to serving. Everyone came in on their own time, souping it up to the likes crayfish or red peas as they got acquainted or reacquainted.

By the main course, with nothing to lose or win, just the merriment of basking in the thrill of it all, the table of close to 10 persons placed both food and drink orders. Jerk platter struck gold as the most popular for the tastebuds. Runners up signature 'U Burger' and spiced beef sliders were among the faves. While bronze went to the codfish fritters and wings.

As soon as the choices were complete, it was go time! A stopwatch was put faced upright for all to see, the time was already ticking away. Natisha, the waitress, remained calm, cool and collected under pressure as she made her way to the table with several orders of colbec pine and ginger and one Pepsi. When we saw only two more minutes on the clock, it seemed time had been running out and they wouldn't make it.

But the first food came in at eight minutes and 44 seconds, while all participating in this unique dining experience received their dishes at 9.48 minutes, with 10 seconds to spare.

Everyone cheered at a job well done. From there, it was less about the mingling and more about the eating.

So what are you waiting for? Savour the flavour at UBTR and celebrate the wait of 9.58, or your meal is free!