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Flow pushes passion for action for team members

Published:Monday | March 9, 2020 | 12:15 AM
The flow team after the International Womens’ Day Summit
The flow team after the International Womens’ Day Summit

With passion, motivation and determination to go against what is deemed as conventional in today’s society, Flow hosted a staff summit ahead of the International Womens’ Day under the theme ‘Passion for Action’, which supports a collective will to foster gender equal opportunities for all.

The morning’s proceedings were moderated by Kayon Mitchell, director of corporate communications and stakeholder management who beautifully ensured that all important points concerning women were explored. Questions surrounding gender was thrown out to the ‘Each for Equal’ panel which consisted of influencer, television host, Emprezz Golding, the first female director of technology in the history of Cable and Wireless Communications, Susanna O’Sullivan and male journalist and former all female educator, Dennis Brooks. The conversation quickly grew intense as different perspectives were thrown out on the matter of the meaning of equality, what equality looks like in the 21st century and of course, the way forward in terms of a mindset change among adult Jamaicans. The members of staff were quite engrossed and scores of subtle remarks in agreement could be heard across the room.

Another segment called the ‘Fireside Chat’ also had attendees sitting on the edge of their seats as special guest, Audrey Hinchcliffe recounted her story of how she came to be the executive director of her own renowned janitorial service company, Manpower & Maintenance Services Limited. She explained all the twists and turns her life took in order to be the woman that she is today, maintaining her brand of consistency and commitment over the past 30 years with portfolios inclusive of Flow, Sagicor, Tony Thwaites Wing and Spanish Town Hospital. Before leaving the stage, Hinchcliffe left a few points of advice. “The world will ask you, how dare you step out of your place but, step you must. Don’t be discouraged, Jamaica has the largest group of women in management positions in the world. We may not be at the top just yet but stay focused. The pyramid is quite narrow and if you want to be the president and CEO, start your own business.” She also encouraged the audience to go where their spirit leads and warned against allowing others to derail you.

The summit ended with Koffee’s song, Toast as the ladies toasted to a brighter future and shared beautifully decorated purple cupcakes.

Story by Jessica Harrison