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Published:Monday | November 18, 2019 | 12:22 AM

Tickoya Joseph

This week, we are kickin the Monday blues with a hearty collection of Flair stories. We have the usual fashion and beauty picks but decided to add a few tips for drinking on a girls night out and a few more classic words in our Flair Fashionary!

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Danik Frazer:

Never again will you have to pour over the menu looking for “something good”. These are some tried and true classics you can count on and I’ve given you a little guide so you not only know what they look like but you’ll know what’s in them. The Flair Fashionary is back and we’re looking at the next 5 words to build your fashion vocabulary. You may recognise some of these words immediately and I’m sorry if it triggers you a bit.


If you’re looking for Flair, Zhané Robinson definitely has it with her subtly bold approach to fashion and style. Get some style ‘inspo’ from this bourgeoning Minimalista.

Rocheda Bartley:

Brushes are a staple when it comes to makeup. Glam Boss Gabrielle Waite knows how to use them best. So, she sat with Flair to show us how each is used. Learn how to get glamorous with by using your brushes.

Krysta Anderson:

Today, for Take Two, Milton and Candice share just how they are going the distance, all the way to holy matrimony. Read more in

the Flair.

Jessica Harrison:

Get to know social media’s most popular Zj, Sparks as we get into her bag to see what she totes around on a daily basis.

Daviot Kelly:

I’ve often prided myself on the fact that I’ve never got into a fight. If I had got into a real fight, I probably would’ve been out of commission for months. I guess the world is better off with me keeping these fights in house.