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Kelly's World | Don’t let stupid get you down

Published:Monday | February 4, 2019 | 12:00 AM

“You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. True power is sitting back and observing everything with logic; true power is restraint. If words control you that means everyone else can control you; breathe and allow things to pass.”

– Anonymous


I’ve seen the above quote many times over the last few months and slowly but surely, it is beginning to sink in.

Problem is, there are many stupid (or as my friend Zilla says, ‘choopid’) people walking around.

So it’s quite difficult, at least for me, to simply ignore all the ridiculous and uncalled for statements that emanate from their mouths.

I remember years ago when Mom was still driving along in her old Starlet (‘Betsy’ we called it).

One day, we were heading back home from church when the driver ahead of us stopped. There was no ‘soft shoulder’ for him to go, so he was taking up our lane. He hurriedly waved Mom around, but, being a good driver, she took her time just in case.

“Come nuh, (expletive)!” he barked. My blood boiled. For the first thing, if someone is unsure if the way is clear, the safe thing to do is stay put.

Second, even if you think the person is moving too slowly, surely you could have kept those comments to yourself.

Because I was just coming from the house of the Lord, and because I wasn’t anywhere as ‘dark’ as I am now, I didn’t say anything to the decrepit bastard, whoever he was.

Had it been now, especially if I had a bad day of pursuing stories that didn’t pan out or listening to people who think their issue is automatically front-page news, I probably would have had a few choice words for him.

But like I said at the beginning, emotional reactions to especially snide remarks aren’t healthy.

It’s worse for me as when it comes to any form of ‘diss’, I have a memory like a steel trap. Every now and then, one of them will resurface and mi get ignorant.

Sometimes I actually find myself reliving the incident and I envision the things I should have said, and what I should have done.

Problem is, in the majority of my alternate outcomes, I end up incarcerated because mi either tump di smaddy or mash up dem tings.

So I’m glad that things ended the way they did. But the fact that they still evoke a negative response years later means they still affect me.

Do me a favour. Don’t do that. You’re the only one who ends up with grey hair while the other person probably doesn’t even remember you.

Mind you, if the father of a child with a learning disability hears somebody call the child ‘retard’, who could really fault that father for ‘claating’ the insensitive punk with a good right hand or two by four?

If you follow these @, you will end up at Horizon and GP. And that’s not going to do anyone any good. Bless.

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