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Desire Calendar for 2019

Published:Monday | January 7, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Goals and resolutions are a dime a dozen for any new year. But sometimes in making these plans for our hopes and dreams, we neglect the very passionate nature of our burning desires: the affairs of our hearts. So Flair has decided to create a Desire Calendar for 2019, designed with lovers in mind to challenge themselves each month of this year by fulfilling wishes of reclaiming their hunger and yearning for each other.

January: Start anew with your boo


A new year equates to exciting experiences, so start anew with your boo by engaging in steamy activities that will enhance your amorous connection. It may mean taking more romantic rendezvous together, relaxing with a couples massage, signing up for cooking or painting classes, starting a weightloss challenge together or writing sweet love notes to each other. Anything that diverts from the norms of your relationship is considered novel in the chapters of your love, so get to writing. *wink*


February: Main course for love


The month is already dedicated to love, so why not make the most of it? For starters, try your hand at sexy trivia, quizzing the other to unearth sentimental and sensual answers. Then, for the main course, tap into your sultry alter ego, freeing yourself of inhibitions and going all out in unleash your erotic side. Then you can enjoy dessert. *wink*


March: Lent for Love


Anything that you choose to give up for lent should be beneficial towards your relationship. That may mean cutting down on boys' night or girls' night out or coming home earlier than usual. Making sacrifices outside of the relationship can strengthen the love within your union.


April: Spring into action


The season of spring brings growth and warmth to our environment so maybe you need to foster that as it pertains to your bond. Instead of making promises of a weekend away from the family, or night out with just the two of you, spring your words into action and just do it out of pure spontaneity or book it in the schedule.


May: Queening it


Mothers are widely celebrated for the amazing roles they play as nurtures, caregivers and superwoman. Rather than making the occasion solely about her title, creatively remind her that she wasn't always a momma, she was your girlfriend, your wife, your lover. Recreate your first date, first anniversary, first vacation, or most memorable exhilarating encounter: anything that will imake her feel young, hot and sexy as a woman. She's your queen after all, high time you treat her like one.

N.B.: Not a mom just yet? No problem. Play the role of his 'sugar mama', and let him take a taste of your sweetness - practice makes perfect.


June: His kingdom


Good fathers aren't as recognised for the positive roles that they play on their children's lives, so celebrate the great job he's doing by running his kingdom. Be the Jane to his Tarzan, swinging from limb to limb to explore the phallic region of his jungle. He'll be the king of your rainforest in no time.


July: Summer breeze


Why beat the heat when you can join in. The hottest season of the year dares persons to dress as bare as they want. So, orchestrate a tropical getaway with your significant other and trade in your bedroom for the beach. Dive right in, teasing and taunting to shed already scanty clothing. Then smoothly ride those waves until you both crash against the shore.


August: Emancipendence


It's still summertime, but also a celebration of our Emancipation and Independence Day. So, break the chains of distractions shackling you from your passionate partnership and indulge in the freedom of temptation, flirtation, stimulation, and copulation.





Back-to-school adventure


Beyond the first morning or first week back-to-school chaos, the month does bring back semblance and structure to the household. That also means peace and quiet once the young ones are tucked in for bed. Capitalise on those alone nights together by trying common and unorthodox positions with each other: you're never too old to treat your babe to new tricks.

N.B.: Not parents? Not a problem. Audition for the roles of bad schoolgirl and punishing teacher and see where that exciting play takes you.


October optimism


There are moments when negativity gets the better of us, even in relationships. Declare this month optimistic October, dedicated to having a positive attitude towards the other and your union overall, and giving your lover kind gestures, just because he or she is significant to you. You will be sure to fall in love all over again.


November to remember


The year would almost be over by this time, so make November one to remember. Make date night at home or out about even more special. Read and critique a book together. Cook and clean together. Take nice long baths together. Sometimes recreating the mundane and making a joint initiative is all it takes to create the greatest memories.


December: Chill is back


So it's Christmas. While we'll never experience a winter wonderland here in the tropics, we can definitely get a chill from rolling the sexy dice to discover who has been naughty or nice. *wink*