Sun | Oct 20, 2019

What's in my bag with Garfene Grandison

Published:Monday | December 31, 2018 | 12:12 AM

Being a Public Relations and Digital Manager entails a lot of note taking, scheduling and not to mention, staying on top of current affairs in order to execute effective campaigns for your brand. Garfene Grandison is one of the island's gurus when it comes to brand management. As much as we would love to divulge into his mind to see what gets his creative juices flowing, the closest thing we can legally get into is his bag. Flair Magazine takes a look at some of the items Grandison uses to stay on track.

"I love wearing local brands," said Grandison as he ogled at his premium leather Roast by Bresheh bag which is his current favourite for carrying his daily essentials. "It is perfect for a millennial, a professional and I think it is cool at the same time," he said as he proudly displayed the handiwork of his personalised Jamaican made bag.Roast by Bresheh bags can be separated into both a laptop compartment and a regular knapsack.

In the laptop section, Grandison keeps crucial notebooks which he uses as quick and easy way to document his latest ideas and plans for future projects. "I have several notebooks that I am always scribbling in," said the mastermind behind brand NestlÈ Jamaica Limited. Grandison is also guilty of carrying around the NestlÈ handbook as a reminder of their business objectives. Some may see this as a little nerdy, but this is how he ensures that his brand stays true to its core values.

As Grandison dug deeper into the laptop section, he retrieved a laptop charger and surprisingly a thick file jacket filled with important company paperwork. "I am old school like that and I keep the important things here to remind me on a daily basis," said the millennial who apparently relishes the nostalgic hands on feel when dealing with important documents.

"The current book I am reading is Wright Life by Pat Wright who is a five time cancer survivor," said Grandison who carries the book around on a daily basis in hopes getting inspiration from her triumph as a survivor to navigate his own obstacles. The final item within the laptop bag is a translucent envelop where he keeps his receipts.

If you know Grandison, you will be aware of his obsession with pens. He keeps an assortment of pens neatly arranged within the knapsack. "I'm very precise with the pens I use. I like to use v5 and other pens with different colours," he said after surprising us with a nifty whiteout. As in, who really uses a white out in this day and age?

Grandison also caries his iPad in a stylish leather bound pouch which matches the layout of his bag. "This bag is perfect and easy to carry around," he said as he emptied the smaller items which include his wallet, keys, iPhone cable and glasses case which contains a pair of shades that he never leaves without. He also carries Altoids, a collection of lip moisturisers, sticky notes and flash drive.

"All the contents in my bag are essential for a man on the go," said Grandison who is always moving from one meeting to the next.