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Nastassia Morrison kicks fear

Published:Monday | December 31, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Nastassia Morrison
Nastassia Morrison
Nastassia Morrison
Nastassia Morrison
Nastassia Morrison


Nastassia Morrison has fully immersed herself in the waves of the corporate realm, cementing her love for the entrepreneurial field with high hopes of scoring big. Concept to Reality, an event planning and management entity, was her initial attempt, which she has nurtured into a grand success. Then others followed.

"Entrepreneurship sets me on fire and I just needed to get a piece of what others were getting," she said.

Spending 11 years at J. Wray & Nephew after starting at just 19 years old, she continuously climbed up the managerial ladder, etching her executive prowess on each of the bars. But Morrison eventually grew weary and sought more.

"It's really what I loved, but I wanted to learn more than I was learning there at the time. I wanted to go into the digital industry because I realised that we are moving forward and unless I can get a first-move advantage then I would have to be trying to catch up, and that's not something I wanted," she told Flair.

This was all she needed to try push her in the business world. The 31-year-old Spanish Town-born and Portmore-bred go-getter explained to Flair that her desire forced her into starting her latest business venture. Juggling the roles of a mother, wife and businesswoman, she inevitably developed a need for nanny.

"I wanted someone who would love Kai, my four-year-old, the way that I did. It was difficult for me to find someone who was trustworthy, and others to whom I spoke also needed the same service. So, I took this as an opportunity to venture into another business, and without hesitating I did some research and training, then opened the doors to HomeMaid Jamaica," she explained.




Currently, this company operates in Kingston and neighbouring parish of St Catherine, providing housekeepers, nannies and caregivers for the elderly. Plus, with hopes of expanding into other territories, she is cradling her venture as her major project for the new year.

Countless times she has failed, but the best experience was when her second business venture failed. It transformed her life, setting her on par for greater accomplishments with a renewed mind and stronger will to excel. After this she re-entered the corporate world, but has not abandoned her businesses.

"When my company failed I learnt that perseverance is key, not everything will go as planned but you have to be strong enough to pick yourself up and move on. In every failure there is a lesson to be learnt that you can apply to the next project. Don't look on it as mere failure but an opportunity to learn," Morrison explained.

In addition, through her strong support group formed by her family, especially her mother and husband, master blender David Morrison, she told Flair that her urge to shine is revitalised after each blunder. She also noted that here is where her greatest inspiration comes from.


Now, she is using her experience to shape young minds. Going from one school to another, she is on a mission moulding you entrepreneurs. For the past two years Morrison has been mentoring students, ultimate equipping them the necessary guidance and confidence boosters they need to create their own wealth.

She said, "I've also started to explore motivational speaking, which has drastically changed my perception of success. I began reading books that sought to empower people and I just adopted the principles. Now I'm sharing with others what I learnt hoping that it will inspire them to work for what is theirs."