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Kelly's World | 2018 was some year

Published:Monday | December 31, 2018 | 12:00 AM

You know, it seems like a few weeks ago that it was January 2018, and yet, here we are ready to step into January 2019. That was quick!

For sure, 2018 was a bit of a roller coaster for Jamaicans.

We had to deal with zones of special operations (ZOSOs), states of public emergency (SOEs), the dollar was sky-high at one point, and then came back down nicely by the time the year folded.

The ZOSOs and SOEs became the norm for various communities, to the point where the soldiers and policemen seemed like part of the landscape.

Of course, if I touch on that, then I have to touch on the brouhaha that took place in Parliament when the Opposition decided the ZOSOs and all other acronyms and abbreviations needed to go.

The roadworks taking place all over the Corporate Area was another pain in the you know where.

And you have to take that literally because persons were stuck in traffic so long, they lost the feeling in their legs and bums.

I maintain that when the roads are finished, dem a go look good nuh fenneh! But until then, we just have to tek kin teet, kibba heart bun.

And there's no way I can leave out the Petrojam mess. One bag a people lef' di work, and some get lef'.

Stories of parties galore and oil a go missing dominated the latter part of the year. By the way, did you get piece a di US$1,000 cake? Even a bucket a oil maybe?




I lament still too many are being killed in road accidents, especially children, and Jamaica's image took a hit with returning residents being murdered.

Flare-ups in areas of Red Hills Road and Waterhouse saddened me too. Sigh.

But there were plenty of happenings on the sporting side, which were a lot more uplifting.

Hmm, where do I begin? Well, I figure I should start with the Reggae Girlz qualifying for the FIFA Women's World Cup, to be held next year in France.

I remember being at work the night that they beat Panama to make history.

Jamaican football, and by extension Jamaica, needed this qualification to happen.

Alia Atkinson keeps burning up the pool with her world records, gold medals and all these things.

I wonder if her shoulders aren't tired from, it feels like, carrying the national swim programme.

Luton Shelton coming out and telling the world he has ALS really touched me.

I've never been a baller, but to see a man who used to dance past defenders now hardly able to even feed himself mek me feel a way, Jah know.

To finish this off, Buju touching back on local soil had to make even the most cynical person feel a little warm inside.

The Gargamel unfortunately now has a criminal record, but he's still 100 per cent fi wi!

I look forward to him gracing a stage in Jamaica.

As usual, I know I've missed more than a few things. Remind of them nuh?

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