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Get ready for the New Year's Eve party

Published:Friday | December 28, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Going out tonight? It's New Year's Eve and the new year is knocking on your door. With it comes a number of gatherings to celebrate its arrival, and although the festive season is close to an end, the revelry is still in full swing. Of course, you have to continue being fabulous to ring in 2019. There are simple and easy ways to jazz up your look for the annual party you have been waiting all year for. So, here are a few reminders.




First up is a glowing skin. Your skin should be looking flawless. Moisturising before leaving out is a must. It will prevent flaking and dullness that will last as you dance the night away. Your face is not the only region for such tender care, the entire body needs it. And remember to keep hydrated. It will help you to continue appearing fabulous.




We all know the potential of the red lipstick. Yes, it's in sync with the season, but it is your superhero tool that will exude your power. You'll be making strong, daring and unapologetic fashion statements drawing attention to the lips. And it's one of the best accessories that will symbolise your energy and strength, plus boost your confidence for the night or whenever you need it.




Defining the eyes with a striking characteristic should be one of your beauty tricks. So, transform the small peepers into gorgeous globes. Maybe you have a go-to look that you adore, you can definitely sport that, but remember it's a start to something new so trying a different look that's fresh, trendy and glamorous is a great idea. Perhaps a colour you've never used before is what you need, and try getting some wings.




Simplicity is the key, but sometimes you will need a touch of boldness. Wearing earrings is a great way to pump up your appearance. Studs are known to float on the earlobe, but aim for a more eye-catching pair. Tassels, chandeliers, teardrops or star-shaped earrings are options you need to consider. But if you're going bold with these, be simple with the other adornments.




Remember to complete your outfit with an accentuated necklace that will add taste to your style. Plus, they are fun additions for your jewellery box and an easy way to add glam to a plain outfit, making it something special. For example, you can make a little black dress more interesting with a long and large necklace.