Mon | Jun 24, 2019

Eat to a Healthy Cycle

Published:Monday | September 24, 2018 | 12:00 AM

When it comes to a woman's monthly cycle and premenstrual syndrome, many gravitate to their cravings to make it through the five-seven-day period just to feel some sort of comfort. Truth be told, some of the things we crave might not be the things that really help to make us feel better. However, there are some foods that will literally bring you physical comfort.

Here is a list of a few of those foods you can now eat to have a more bearable period.


If you are having that sweet-tooth craving, you might go for cake or your favourite candy, but sometimes a good choice would be your favourite yogurt. It satisfies your cravings and it actually helps with your cycle. It is important that you top up on the vitamin D and calcium as it helps with reducing PMS symptoms, and both are in this sweet treat.


Chocolate makes everything better, and for women the darker the better when it comes to your period. It enables the production of endorphins. So if you find that you start to feel a bit happier after having a bar of dark chocolate, your mind is actually not playing a trick on you. The chocolate helps. For dark chocolate lovers, they could not ask for a better comfort snack.


One of women's greatest distresses is the bloating. Now, a banana is known for helping with constipation but the potassium also helps with bloating. It soothes the stomach and helps get rid of that tight, uneasy feeling. So be healthy with your snack choice.

Fish and nuts

Get your omega-3, as it releases muscle tension, thus helping to alleviate cramps. Now you can choose to take the capsules, but why take a pill if you do not have to? Grab your nuts or fish that is fatty like salmon and dig in. Have it fried, grilled or steamed and you may find that it eases your period.

Beef and veggie

Iron is really probably the most important thing to a woman during her period. The loss of blood makes us weak, thus it is important to rebuild the red blood cells, to help reduce that tired, lousy feeling. If you are a meat love,r then beef is your best friend. For vegetarians, any green leafy vegetable, the greener the better.