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Kelly's World | Was it bad to be 'good'?

Published:Monday | July 2, 2018 | 12:00 AM

"You used to get in your fishnets, now you only get it in your night dress. Discarded all the naughty nights for niceness, landed in a very common crisis."

- Fluorescent Adolescent by The Arctic Monkeys.

I stumbled on to the above song about three years ago, which is 'late' considering the single was released in 2007.

It speaks about a woman who has had a seemingly 'wild' youth, but had become more docile, perhaps becoming a wife and/or mother.

The song generally (I'm told) speaks about people living what some may consider to be mundane existences when they get older, a direct contrast to their rambunctious younger years.

Years ago, when I was at university, I remember my friends telling me that I should be 'bad' then because when I got older, I wouldn't be able to.

As I head towards the big 4-0 there are times I think they might actually have been right.

I never did anything that might even remotely make a good bar talk conversation. Maybe my memory just ain't what it used to be.

You know how some persons snuck out of their homes to go to parties?


That Wasn't Me


Well, that wasn't me. In my defence, whatever parties my friends were going to were usually nowhere near where I lived.

What events were close to me didn't catch my fancy. Guess I just wasn't wired that way.

Even if I wanted to be a tad adventurous, the logistics of the whole situation also fought against me.

Because of the rural route on which I lived, taking the bus wasn't the greatest option especially at night.

My friends and high school classmates didn't drive either so there was nobody picking me up.

Plus, I'm pretty certain my parents would notice I was gone.

I remember my friends telling me stories about getting home at all hours of the night or early morning and I often wondered if they were lying.

The only reason I would be 'allowed' out beyond that time, was if I was in the company of a senior relative.

At university, I heard tales of dorm life that would make a brothel look tame.

I told myself I was too busy trying to pass my courses. Yet, I know people who partied much and got better grades than I did.

People tell me all the time about random trips to the rural areas, like St Elizabeth, but I would have had to plan for months in advance.




Hmm, makes me wonder if I might have done this all wrong (or at least not quite right).

Thing is some people never really grow up from those fluorescent adolescent days.

Their hair may be a little more grey, the hips may not sway as easily to the music anymore, and the recovery time the following morning may take a tad longer.

But nonetheless, these people celebrating their fabulous 50s, sensational 60s and super 70s aren't missing a beat.

Then, of course, others are late bloomers. So maybe there's hope for an old (and by old I mean young) fuddy duddy like myself. Hopefully I've got time.

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