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Fans and artiste call for sponsors for Ghetto Splash

Published:Friday | December 21, 2018 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle/Gleaner Writer
Tommy Lee Sparta during his performance at Tuesday's Ghetto Splash.
Iba MaHr performing.

Despite losing their title sponsors this year, organisers of the annual Ghetto Splash managed to put together an entertainment package that left every patron fully satisfied.

The Waterhouse Mini Stadium was jam-packed on Tuesday night as patrons from Waterhouse and its environs prepared to be treated to yet another free musical treat. Some persons with whom The Gleaner spoke breathed a sigh of relief, as they said the show's absence would have left a dent in their Christmas.

A woman, who identified herself as Shan Shan, said the event has become more than just a free concert. To her and many others, it is an event that makes them forget about their daily struggles in the inner city as they come together to witness some of their favourite artistes in action.

"Da concert yah a di best thing happen to communities like Waterhouse and Maverley. We a face nuff things inna the inner city, but when yuh come Ghetto Splash, yuh just leave all a dat and enjoy yourself," she said. "Right now, this shouldn't even name Ghetto Splash, it should a name Unity Splash because everybody just a hold a vibes. Nuh man nah pree nuh war and everything just good. Which part else inna Jamaica poor people can get sup'm like this for free, especially inna dem times yah?"




Speaking of the times, another patron, Damion, told The Gleaner that while he understands the financial difficulties some corporate entities are facing, he wants corporate Jamaica to ensure that events like Ghetto Splash continue well into the future.

"We nuh wah dis dead like Sting; it bring too much joy. So if the big companies can work out sup'm weh we have this fi as long as possible, me woulda love that."

He continued, "Me know how me enjoy the concert as a young yute, and me woulda love if more young yutes coming up get fi enjoy it, too."

Entertainers Bounty Killer and Queen Ifrica also advocated on the show's behalf.

During his set, the 'Five-Star General' urged corporate Jamaica to continue supporting the event.

"Big up all a di people dem who play a part inna dis, enuh. Yuh know say if a di big carnival bash, all a di sponsorship woulda deh deh. I want to talk to all the corporate people around this area, all the businesses, unu need fi support dis, unu need to play a part. Dis a fi we - the ghetto."

Ifrica, who was making her first appearance at Ghetto Splash, shared similar sentiments.

"The sponsors dem a bathe offa Jamaica, enuh, so dem need fi come on board fi the events dem weh make Jamaica people - especially ghetto people - alright. The people dem done a drink di sup'm dem, if yuh look, everybody have a Boom inna dem hand, so dem fi make sure dem fork out money gi di people dem fi di show."

Boom Energy Drink was last year's title sponsor, but pointed out that budgetary constraints prevented them from coming on in the same capacity this year.

Speaking to The STAR last month, Boom representative Chieftin Campbell explained that although it was decided Boom would no longer participate as title sponsors, they still offered to be part of the event.

Ghetto Splash this year also saw artistes such as Beenie Man, Agent Sasco, Turbulence, Iba Mahr, Govana, Jesse Royal, Baby Cham, and a host of others gracing the stage.