Sat | Jun 6, 2020

First impressions

Published:Sunday | August 18, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Althea Tracey
Louise wright
Sophia Earle
Jodian Douglas
Judeen Fletcher (left) and Leela Foote.

Althea Tracey

“It’s awesome! Can I get a ‘wow’?”


Louise Wright

“I currently own a 2013 Evoque, and I love the

upgrades. So most definitely, I will be trading in and acquiring a new one.”


Sophia Earle

“Awesome. Perfect. Comfortable. Must have.”


Jodian Douglas

“Very sexy. Nice features.”



Judeen Fletcher

“I think it is exquisite. I love the new features, and it is a beautiful car.”


Leela Foote

“Futuristic, luxury at its finest. Seems to be a wonderful buy.”