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Supreme Deals on Wheels making sure to stand out

Published:Sunday | May 19, 2019 | 12:00 AMKareem LaTouche and Mickella Anderson, - Automotive Writers -
The company has three cars on display inside their office.
Auto Supreme located at 65 ½ Half-Way Tree Road.
New vehicles are usually delivered with a bow.
Auto Supreme says they will go beyond the norm to make buyer’s experience stand out.
The interior space is designed to stand out from any other competing auto dealer.
Vehicles in their parking lot.
The Supreme Deals team (from left) Affrica Jones, Ojo Jones, Loveine Dyke, and Daniel Dyke.


The new state-of-the-art building at 65 ½ Half-Way Tree Road is home to Supreme Deals on Wheels Auto, a newcomer to the auto industry scene. The company’s contemporary look will be rivalled only by the quality of service it plans to deliver.

With an area of specialty that includes used or newly imported cars, Supreme Deals is on the road to business success guided by a firm belief in customer satisfaction. Speaking with Automotives, Manager Loveine Dyke said, “Quality vehicles at good prices, along with extraordinary customer service, are our number one and only priority.”

Supreme Deals understands that it shouldn’t be left up to a new car alone to deliver that ‘new car feeling’. According to Dyke: “It’s important that our customers feel as if they are buying a brand-new vehicle. A motor vehicle is actually a serious investment next to home ownership. Therefore, it is most important for us to make the process of purchasing a car as transparent as possible.”

Dyke said the customer need only identify the car he would like to purchase and leave the rest to the team of capable staffers at Supreme. But from the outside looking in, one can gather that everything about Supreme Deals is simply supreme, especially checking out that building.

“I must give all credit to my contractor, Mr Devon Evans, for his ingenuity and vision as it relates to the design of my head office and showroom,” Dyke said. “Prior to us moving to this property, it was a public nuisance and a tragic eyesore. This amazing transformation really demonstrates that Mr Evans is indeed a master at construction and a genius at his craft.”

Dyke also hailed Natalie Somers, decorator, for her extraordinary work on the interior design of the building.


But it would appear that a fancy building was the furthest thing from Dyke’s mind when she contemplated getting a foot in, in the world of automotives a few years ago.

“My son started to talk at age one,” she recalled. “He was so into cars. While driving with him on a daily basis, whenever he saw a nice car he would say, ‘Mommy, look at that car!’ Of course, we had long conversations about that particular car whenever we drove past one that he admired. This routine triggered a serious curiosity about cars that were on the road and a desire to become more knowledgeable about them.”

It dawned on Dyke that she wanted to own her own business, and life insurance sales became the vehicle that propelled her along this journey. “Once I had earned enough life insurance savings through commissions, I began the buying and selling of motor vehicles locally and thereafter ventured out to international markets such as Japan, Dubai, Singapore, and the USA,” she said.

The journey, of course, was not without its challenges. Dyke knew that reputation drives business, and so the onus was on her to source quality and reliable vehicles from a trusted international supplier in order to sell at competitive prices.

“Consequently, finding a good location for my company was also a challenge,” she admitted. “It took over five years to find a suitable location due to the fact that real estate developments are dominating the purchase of lands and properties.”


Currently serving residents of Kingston and its environs, for the most part, Supreme Deals is steadily attracting customers islandwide. And when their clientele eventually grows, the guarantee of customer satisfaction will remain ever present if Dyke has anything to do with it.

“No business can survive without satisfying its customers’ needs, and Supreme Deals is here to stay,” she said. “Once you deliver quality and reliable vehicles to your customers, there will always be a place for you in this competitive market.”

Dyke is aware of the challenges that may arise, especially where persons may have concerns about the length of time it takes for their vehicle to get to them from Japan.

“All vehicles take approximately 10 weeks to arrive in Jamaica from Japan,” she said. “It is important to communicate the process from the point of purchase to when the vehicle actually reaches our port. Communication is key,” she said.

Offering a three-to-six months warranty on all their vehicles, Supreme Deals is also pledging to offer consistent after-sales support.

So what’s next for the newcomers on Half-Way Tree Road? “We want to be the household name in the used-car industry,” Dyke said. “When you think used or newly imported cars, Supreme Deals on Wheels Auto should be your number-one choice.”

Follow Supreme Deals on Wheels Auto on Instagram @supremedealsauto. Walk in between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., Mondays to Fridays, or make an appointment for a Sunday visit.

Contact: 876 633-2063, 876 593-7771.