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Demar Lee - making a name in motorsports

Published:Tuesday | November 6, 2018 | 12:00 AMKajamba Fitz-Henley
Demar Lee on his victory lap.
Demar Lee receiving his trophy for his great performance on the track.
Demar Lee

This week, Automotives highlights Demar Lee, another youngster making a name for himself in Jamaican motorsports. The 17-year-old was introduced to racing by his uncle. However, he actually learned to drive from his father and grandmother at age six. Lee, who professes that he has always liked driving, started officially racing at 16 years old. So far, he has mainly taken part in the popular Dover events in St Ann, racing in a 1992 Honda Civic, which he is happy to race in for right now.

"I've been getting better and better each week, getting used to the car and doing better times, so I'm going to practise more to see if I can get even better times," Lee shared as he was on his way to practise for a Dover racing event. The young driver typically races in the IP3 class at these events.

Despite working hard to improve his racing, Lee revealed that he isn't currently supported by a sponsor: "I'm not really working with a team right now, but I am looking for sponsors. I mainly work with my mechanic." This, naturally, causes some challenges in maintaining his vehicle. However, his family is there to support him. "They're my main support system," he said. Thus, the young man's advice to anyone his age attempting to enter racing officially would be to find a solid support system for assistance.

Of course, having a genuine love for racing will bear fruit if you remain persistent despite the challenges. "It's fun. I take it as fun," Lee stated. "I'm planning on doing it for a long time, and I'm looking at schools overseas where I can go to get better at it." However, for now, the recent CSEC student of Dinthill Technical High School is looking to attend driving school in Kingston.

Even after driving professionally for only one year, Lee has made progress, which he is proud of. When asked what he has been most proud of, the young driver said: "Basically ... winning the races and doing faster times."

His most recent event was Dover's Hero's of Speed in October. His fastest time so far has been 1:29.6, which he did in qualifying at Dover's Independence of Speed in August. He recalled that that particular event was a challenging one.

"In the first race, I got slapped by another car, so I didn't get to finish the race. But in the second, race, I started from the back and came up to get second and in the last race, I came first." Evident by this performance in August, Lee tries to remain focused even when he is faced with unfortunate incidents on the track. "When it happens, I feel a little frustrated but I just set my mind to get ready for the other race and do better," he said.

Lee is moving forward with that mindset as he plans to continue racing while pursuing a course in electrical engineering. He intends to take both endeavours overseas as he has his eyes set on schools and racing companies abroad.