Tue | Oct 20, 2020


Published:Sunday | September 13, 2020 | 12:16 AM

Come near my God

Come near my God,

come near

While everyone is

giving heed to social distancing

to keep COVID-19 far,

Come near.

Touch me and

hold me in your arms

close to your breast.

Wash me daily with your living

word, Lord

much more than

I wash my hands

to keep the corona virus at bay.

Come near my God.

Be my mask

so there will be no transmission

of the dreaded disease of sin.

Keep me stayed at home

with your presence,

and quarantine me in an area

surrounded by your righteousness

and protection, and filled

with the nursing of your love.

Come near, my God,

Come near.

- Juliet Holmes


In honour of, and dedicated

to my sister, Edith (Burgess)


Our Sister of sisters,

And of brothers no less -

Our trailblazer!

And we are impressed!

You’re the leader of leaders -

Our example!

For your calmness and


Your understanding eyes

Watching over;

For your sincerity,

And quiet dignity;

We all admire you!

For your kindness when

There’d be no reciprocity,

We are grateful!

For paving the path

On which we walked confidently,

We are thankful!

For frankness when necessary,

We applaud you!

For your ‘still tongue’

Your ‘wise head’

Speaking with your eyes


We all salute you!

For your perseverance

Always taking a noble stance;

For being vigilant

To prevent sibling grievance -

We honour, and we love you

I think, more than you

Can even construe!

So on this wonderful day

We thank the Lord

For blessing, and nurturing you

So you could love and nurture

Your siblings too!

- Hyacinth Burgess-Gregory

Crushed by her crush

Love is like whiskey

“You’ve put on five pounds,


Woman scorned, drink up

Love is like red wine

“You’ve put on five pounds,


He says, then he dies!

No sweet words to remember

Words sweet like green lime

But if given the chance

Would have gladly dived

Into the arms of love

Just one sip

Just once again

Just one more time.

Lisa Gaye Taylor