Wed | Aug 12, 2020


Published:Sunday | July 5, 2020 | 12:11 AM

The spaces in between

When you connect you want to always be

It could simply be in writing or in body

Consistent communication is very key

Relationships are sustained on this primarily.

It's hard to stay away but the process you must trust

When things are meant to be there is no need to rush.

Spaces in between build a stronger bond,

It brings a renewed meaning, reminds us of our love.

They say "absence makes the heart grow fonder" this is very true

It gives the right balance of you wanting me, me wanting you.

Space is good just concentrate on what you like to do

Never invite worry when I'm only growing closer to you.

Space is timely; know when to give and take

Absence helps to review all that's at stake.

When the distance comes, it's merely in physical body

My heart and mind are always in close proximity.

Jamellia Lobban



Look within thyself for happiness;

Then you will have the outward manifestation unfolding;

Happiness should not be dependent on anyone;

Create your own;

Smile through the storms of life.

See each obstacle as a challenge to success;

Lift yourself up;

The world is filled with enormous possibilities;

Reach out for your possibility;

Work it, and let it work for you.

Happiness is a passage;

To that enchanted garden of peace and tranquillity;

Happiness is being at peace with thyself.

Silvera Castro


I can’t breathe

The knee to my windpipe

Pressing down tight

I can’t breathe

Gasping for air

As I cling to the last few memories of life

The sounds around me grow fainter

As I begin to lose my sight

I can’t breathe

Is he hearing me?

Fighting to stay awake

If he could just move his knee for God's sake

So I can catch a break

I can’t breathe

My words don’t seem to emanate

Please man

I can’t breathe

Fighting for my last breath

As my lungs are giving way

He doesn’t seem to care much

As he presses down even harder

I can feel every move as he thrusts

His knee blocking my airways

I can’t hold out much longer

I wonder how my son is going to feel

When he sees his father

Struggling to stay alive

Clinging to the hope of him

But I really can’t breathe

Terrified that I won’t make it

Hoping they’ll hear me this time

I can’t breathe

My last words

As I lay with my face

Pressed down on the asphalt

I feel it coming

Today is the day I die

The perspective of George Floyd

Being a black guy

Theresa Peters