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Published:Sunday | August 25, 2019 | 12:00 AM



Sister memories

I remember my sister

for hopscotch days

dandy shandy

ball ground

being chased



we wore trainer bras


it was not such a funny


when in her twenties

just after

her second child birth

a daughter

my sister

was diagnosed with

breast cancer




you actually die of all

this s... eventually


we was pressing periwinkle

flowers they say those flowers

will heal us...

getting out the colours

like dye

we played with it

the piano


− Amy Kaye




Captured by Caribs


Long ago I was an Arawak girl

Then captured and brought in a

Carib World

At that time I was five years old

Kept there till I was grey and



At one time I believed

That nothing in the World

would go wrong

As long as I had just

remained strong

Because I had lived a life of

love and peace

The most of my life had

become the least


The Caribs caused me

so much pain

So all of my battle just

seemed in vain

But no matter what,

I still believe

The battle I will never

give up and leave


Although outside is a

hurting bite

In my heart I’ve given i

t a real good fight

And till the day I die, I know

We the Arawaks

The Caribs will never



− Lisa Gaye Taylor


I’m going to meet

her at the airport


I’m going to meet her at the

airport in an hour.

I’ll get there early, no


I don’t care whether it’s a fair

day in Acapulco or not,

I’m going on a trip with her,

rain or shine.


She sounds so excited on the


I don’t want to miss my flight.

f I arrive late, it will ruin our

vacation. I’m going to take a

shower and

get dressed quickly.


Pick out a matching neck tie

for my shirt.

Thank you for the coffee,

But don’t serve the fairy cakes.

Check the bag for me;



See that everything is ready.

Don’t forget my digital camera.

Send for the chauffeur,

I’ll call you later.

Felicia is impatient to see me,

She’s in the waiting room

with the boarding cards.

Cancel all the other




I’m sorry, dear, I can’t tarry;

I’m in a bit of a hurry.

Please escort me to the


I’d better catch the air plane

on time.

– Marlon Pitter



Conscious Voices


We’ll not dissolve into the folds

of quietude due to fear!

Those who try to frighten us are

often, themselves, scared.

We’ll not allow the bawdy

crowd to extricate us from


Or, reach for us, in any way,

whilst tarnishing themselves.


We know who we are and

where we ought to go.

We know what we want to

harness, even as we grow.

We wear our pride quite

consciously and will imbibe

nobody’s shame.

Call us what you wish,

because, at no point in the game

Will we become the, shielded,

docile, pictures in the frame!


- Erica Brown Marriott