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Published:Sunday | August 18, 2019 | 12:00 AM

This is a wake up call


This a wakeup call to all Jamaicans we fi stop from take cons from politicians,

Old and young all the same, Babylon have you playing their games, Your like children in the lands, it’s time to stand up as man and woman, If dem nuh ease di situation we ago start a revolution, no more tricks from groups that just want to challenge god’s plans, groups like gays, badmind and heathens, me and them people deh could neva be fren.


Just wake up Jamaicans open your eyes; see, time to wake up, time to be free, Jamaica! They have robbed us before, manipulate and psychologize but know, it’s time we realize that they have been robbing us for a very long time and they laugh and say, “what is yours is now mine”, Dem a strip we country a every valuable asset! Come! Fight back my people give it your best.


All are violable commodities incompetently managed, that’s why some Jamaicans’ self-esteem damage, Hey! My people we are the best!! don’t let some groups lead our country to the wreck, No love for you? No love for me? I’ve asked you before Hey! Can’t you see, If u can’t, I’ll let you see detailed information just scratching the surface, Now wake up my people and relieve the stress.


Remember Bauxite so rich in profits, but from dem take over dem just spoil it, Not to mention: Corn, Banana, Coffee and Sugar Cane, all of them exploited the same, what I do is tell the truth, Air Jamaica, Reggae Music, even our tourist industry, All of them managed incompetently because they have ulterior motives; robbery is their objective.


But Jamaicans, God is not sleeping, he will know what to do. Sins they are deceiving, deception shall be their due. Anything real, natural, straight and truthful, To them its more than a mouthful. So wake up my people! Enough illusion, we nuh wah no more a them confusion. Free up Free up!!


- Dwight R. Poole



Get up!


Hey you!

Yeah you

Sitting in the chair

With or without hair

Question yourself where

Where are you at in today’s era


Are you,sucking up your parents resources

Pointlessly dreaming of riches and red Roll-Royce

See it all about the choices

Me make in life courses


Get up!

Live your life up!

You have twenty-four hours

And hours you need to make-up


Your out with the bums and your peers

Drinking beer you’ll never know

When death will come near



So get up!

Live your life up!

You have twenty-four hours

And hours you need to make-up


When your resources die down

You didn’t earn a crown

Your unknown let down

That made push-backs

Slow you down


Please leave a legacy

Don’t be who you wanna be

be who your supposed to be


Get up

Live your life up.


- Ajani Cole




Used Flowers


I was once young, foolish and naïve.

I believed that all souls were just like me;

Optimistic, compassionate, kind-hearted and sincere.


I began to crave a soul that was much like mine,

For a heart that was just as lovely and divine.

And so I opened my heart, mind and soul to any and every,

And bloomed vibrantly,

Not knowing I would have been robbed of my genuineness.


From my stem, blossomed thriving beauty.

But I was delicate and so I was withered away by their treachery.

Although my petals were vigorous in colour,

I perhaps its glaring was what made my appearance peevish.


It is often times said that “hurt people, hurt people,”

So maybe that is why they invaded like thieves,

And misused and abused whatever they had chosen,

And left me with nothing but dead leaves,

But although they took from me what was rightfully mine,

I am flattered by the thought that it was only because

My colours were so wonderfully refined.


- Abbigail Mattis