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Published:Sunday | April 28, 2019 | 12:00 AM

New Limits


No man outruns the choices he makes

But learns from the chances he takes

I am much wiser today

Learning to let God lead the way


There’s no comparison to my love…

Love for my soul dove

It’s not only my heart’s desire

And for her I pushed my limits even higher


It’s the will to love the same

Enduring all the pain

Love is a selfless thing

A patient man becomes King


What’s in the past doesn’t matter

Who I am I define despite what happened in the latter

Experiencing confusion and internal fights

Learning to stay firm and true to what is right


In finding my weaknesses; I found my strengths

I now know my limits due to how far I went

Holding on to the values in me

Because changing life begins with changing how I see


- Patrick Morris





My Ride or Die


When I look at how we begun, the laughter and love we shared

I smile at all the experiences we have shared, for better or for worse


We dared to dream of a future together

And I promised this was forever


I can recall that fateful mistake, the moment I fell from your grace

But my ride or die you were there standing faithfully by my side


I do know one thing for sure: I still love you

Now more than I did than


But we will get through this

My commitment to you renewed

I will not give up on us


You are still my ride or die

Forever, my world, my life


- By RH





The Love of a Hebrew maiden



I took her to the rebels near the bank of the Euphrates River.

She was a fearless and heroic Hebrew maiden,

The daughter of a chieftain of the twelve tribes of Israel,

A slave in a strange land full of sorcery and idolatry,

And the prettiest woman among the captives in Babylon.

A Jewess in ragged clothes conspired against the oppressors.

The fetters of the heathens could not break her.


Her name was Gavriella, which means “God is my strength.”

She had borne more pain than any woman has ever felt,

But her unflinching faith in Jehovah kept her alive.

I was a valorous liberator and she fell in love with me,

And so I gave her my word that I would help her to escape.

I knew that I would be executed if they captured me,

But I was ready to risk my life for the love of a Hebrew maiden.


The heavy chains of bondage did not affect her charm.

I touched the wounds that she had received from the torture;

And the scars from her chastisement grieved my heart.

Suffering and homesickness strengthened her determination,

And the hope of freedom was evident in her smile.

She reckoned that someday she would break away

And return to her homeland and be a free woman again.


Even though she was young, she had no fear of death.

I looked at her for a while with uncertainty,

And then she reassured me with the kiss of bravery.

She fought courageously at my side for liberty;

It was a fight that we were confident we could win.

We sang songs of Zion the night we left Babylon,

And the Hebrew maiden and I walked hand in hand in the dark.



- Marlon Pitter








it is

not necessarily of one race

or the other

but winning the perceived at this time


will always think they have won

but time is the ultimate master



more about

the power of one over the other

in the possession of whatever is considered supreme

land, wealth, gold

but let them take it all to the grave



it could be important to realize

that this is no fairy tale world

but there are actually wizards and wicked witches

wolves are in the forest



at all levels

whether against gender

fender bender

"mix up and blenda"

do not sit at my table to eat

sit in my house



who wants to?

assert your right not to absorb their services

don't purchase their "goods" of any kind

just get your own plane

shopping mall

hotel, place of worship

do not pay

your oppressor for your continued discomfort


- Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson