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Published:Sunday | April 21, 2019 | 12:23 AM

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse in any shape or form

Has over the past few years become the norm

It should not be tolerated

By anyone but hated

Domestic abuse

Should not be an excuse

It is used as a method of control of a partner

Be careful it is not happening to your sons or your daughters

Domestic violence is destructive

It destroys the home and it is disruptive

It leaves a home without both parent

Please know the signs ladies and gents

Abuse can be physical or psychological

It can be emotional, verbal or mental

It crushes your self esteem and makes you feel you have no worth

It makes you feel like you are the scum of the earth

My heart aches for the fatherless and motherless children

Left behind and what it does to their young mind

To witness the abuse or death of a mother

By the hand of a father

Ladies or gents, if you leaving the abusive relationship

Don’t say a word, zip the lip

Leave like a “thief in the night”

It might just save your life

Women and men run for your life

Domestic violence may cost your life

Jackie Paris and Trinity did this song

“Run for your life, he’s behind you with a knife, run, run, run!”

Run as far and as fast as you can

Get help, your life is not worth it “man!”

- Sharon Johnson-Wright


Yea, I know…

It won’t be an easy road

Pressure as I row

The more blows received…the less I throw

Sometimes wrong and sometimes right

Learning to be humble and patient through the fight

Learning that within me and others there are many sides

Learning to stay calm and be wise, when facing the tides

No honour in honouring me

Humans generally have two eyes equally

But there’s a difference in clarity

Will ignorance continue to damage our personalities?

Not a champion, but life has me carrying heavy weights

Hoping it’s a force driving me in a positive way

The light and loving moments I really cherish

Wisdom says my happiness won’t ever perish

Patrick Morris