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Published:Friday | June 29, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Do you know me?


Life is so precious and so short. I have to make decisions. Frustrations and complexities are not part of great unions.

I know what I want and I know what is happening.

You say you love me but you don't know how to love me. You say "I love you" but you don't even know me.

You don't know what I need. You don't give me what I need. But maybe you can't. So unfulfilled! Not feeling it.

What's up with you? What happens when you are alone? How do you see your future? Does it make sense? What is your contribution to the future with a woman like me? What do you want from me or any other person?

Do some serious thinking before you embark. Because what you say is different from what you are saying.

- Paulette Stanley

He cannot afford me

Why should I sell my soul for two thousand dollars?

What can that do?

Maybe buy only flour

I wanted something more for my time

So I stayed inside rather than go out and lyme

So I turned to Jesus,

It is His love I find.

He decided to take me to dinner

And wanted to buy me Burger King

I decided that I wanted to stay thinner

He even decided to propose with a wash-over ring

So I think, Jesus is the only man I need.

He bore the cross for me more than a mile

Why should I get on my knees and toil

For a man who is not willing to go far

He cannot afford me nor buy a car

Because on Calvary Jesus already died.

Hortense Francis


You're everything I want you to be


You're my lover and friend,

You're someone in whom I can trust and confide.

You're honey and spice,

And you're all the nice things that I like.

You're a sweetheart and you're my spouse.

Your lips put a refreshing taste on my tongue.

You're candyfloss and sugarplum,

And you're endowed with honesty and generosity.

You're tulips and rosebuds,

And you're the most precious being in my sight.

You're the beginning and finale.

You speak as the soothing words of a love letter.

You're a vocalist and musician,

And you're the keynote of my musical composition.

You're my sunshine and rain clouds,

Your love is a haven for me in times of despair.

You're my partner and guide,

And you're the light that shines in my pathway.

You're an actress and supermodel,

You're the fabulous beauty queen in the magazine.

You're the past, present and future,

And you're the only one that occupies my thoughts.

You're my hostess and masseuse;

You're the partially perfect woman for me.

You're a good companion and priceless gem,

And you're the most helpful person I know.

You're a cheerleader and chaperon.

Darling, you're everything I want you to be.

- Marlon Pitter